Friday, April 27, 2012

Mildly Spoiler-ish TV Post

SO MANY FEELINGS ♥♥♥ I will do a more thorough review of my favorite shows in the future. Most likely the summer. Anyway, here are reaction-reviews for Community, Cougar Town, Girls, Parks & Recreation, Scandal, and Veep.

COMMUNITY: Oh. my. god. A Law & Order-themed episode. I've only seen a couple of episodes of L&O; not really my thing but this was so damn amazing. Annie and Shirley were especially amazing this episode as well as the rest of the cast. I wish I could have seen more of Britta. I don't like the way they make fun of her sometimse and the way they tend to play down her intelligence. Anyway, sensationalism over the death of an almost-sprouting yam? Yes. I also love their Bio teacher. He is so awesome and just...argh! Good god, I love this show ♥

PARKS AND RECREATION: ASFLK;ASHDF;ALSHFDDLDH;~!!!!!! Hogod. I was so scared Leslie would get her ass kicked. My brain kept playing games with me (or the writers intended it that way). I was like, "This could go so many ways. She's either going to do something completely awe-inspiring and turn this around or this will tank and she will go back to P&R. Either way, things will be shiny..right? RIGHT?!" When she gave that speech, I really, truly felt it. It was one of the best speeches she's ever given. I love Knope ♥ KNOPE 2012 (I wish she were really running for the Presidency Q_Q)!!!

SCANDAL (EP 1): I love political and legal shows and it looks like I have another one to add to the list of Shows I Like. This is a new and fresh story that we've heard a couple of times but there has never been such a focus on it. We all know about the scandals that go on in politics but who strategizes to keep those scandals from exploding into an even worse clusterfuck or keep them from surfacing? I love the thrill and the pacing of the show. It gets quite intense sometimes. A show about politics must have politics and I do love the way they handled it. I will admit that there are a few over-the-top parts but that doesn't distract from Kerry Washington's and Darby Stanchfield's badassery. Lots of things to love about this show and I will definitely keep watching. To quote timeasmymeasure:

Please, please, don't let this go the Undercovers way. I've already heard too much about how unrealistic and cheesy it can be and to all these people I say, I know you watched Chuck. Don't talk to me about unrealistic and cheesy. It's TV land, people. We like unreal, remember!
I had a problem with the President being white but that could color the way that makes Obama look (Prez in the show cheated on his wife several times). Anyway, I just finished the second episode right this moment and I'm not digging the shaming of call girls/prostitutes but I understand that, in politics, it's not embraced.

VEEP (EP 1): If the pilot doesn't do well for me, I almost always let it slide and give it a few more episodes. This is that kind of show. I need to give it a few more episodes before I decide whether or not I like it. There are a tad too many ableist jokes for my liking. Also, extorting a date from a woman who wasn't even there to hear the exchange is sexist beyond a doubt. Ugh. However, there seems to be lots of solid female characters, a few PoC's (one who is amazingly awesome—Sue Wilson), and Reid Scott. They also say "fuck" a lot. I like that. We'll see how I feel about this show in the future.

COUGAR TOWN: I've also been watching Cougar Town and I just finished the second season. I really do love this show. It's gorgeous, it's funny, but it's not perfect. Very white-washed and there are a few times when it gets homophobic, sexist, racist, ableist, and other -ists. However, there are many times when it's very feminist-friendly and it has a couple of the best female friendships on television. Still one of the best comedies on network TV today and one of my favorites. ALSO, OMFG ABED NADIR MADE IT ONTO COUGAR TOWN AND I LOVE IT BECAUSE I LOVE CROSSOVERS!

GIRLS (EP 1): You've seen something once, you've seen it a million times. It's got stereotypes, sexist jokes, and tedious and inane gossip. There's a lot of realism in it like the shit-ton of college grads who have no jobs and no direction because the economy has fucked them over with student loans. But the show is mostly centered around privileged, white hipsters in Hipster Land. Besides the fact that I'm also a struggling student, I just can't relate. I do like the potential in the female friendships but I'm just not into this show. Here's a snippet of MotherJones's review of the show that I just read after writing this and I have to say I agree with them:

The central character is an unsympathetic victim of First World Problems who mumbles her way through a Brooklynite's perdition of unpaid internships and missed orgasms. In its first three episodes, the comedy series establishes a new low for the premium cable network, even surpassing John From Cincinnati in its level of sheer unwatchability.
Suffice it to say, I will NOT resume watching this for all the reasons stated above. If someone could convince me to continue, I am willing to listen.

What are you watching and what do you think so far? Anything you'd like to recommend? :D

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